Smart Logistics Industry

The Overall Solution Provides Reliable And Stable Detection And Controlling For Smart Logistics

Main Description

Lanbao launched a new logistics industry solution, covering all links of warehousing logistics, assisting the logistics industry to realize identification, detection, measuring, precise positioning etc., and promoting the refined management of logistics process.

Smart logistics industry2

Application Description

Lanbao's photoelectric sensors, distance sensors, inductive sensors, light curtains, encoders, etc. can be used for the detection and controlling of different links of logistics, such as transportation, sorting, storage and storage of goods.


Content of the prospectus

Smart logistics industry3

High Rack Storage

The through beam reflection sensor monitors the superelevation and disorder of goods stacking to prevent damage to the automatic stacking truck and shelf.

Smart logistics industry4

Battery Inspection System

The infrared distance sensor controls the automatic stacker system to adjust the running track to avoid collision.