Inductive sensor adopts non-contact position detection, which has no wear on the surface of the target and has high reliability; The clear and visible indicator makes it easier to judge the working state of the switch; Diameter varies from Φ 4 to M30, with length ranging from ultra short, short type to long and extended long type; Cable and connector connection are optional; Adopts ASIC design, the performance is more stable. and ; With short-circuit and polarity protection functions; It can carry out various limit and counting control, and has a wide range of applications; The rich product line is suitable for a variety of industrial occasions, such as high temperature, high voltage, wide voltage, etc. Intelligent inductive sensor includes intelligent compatible type, anti strong magnetic type, Factor one, full metal and temperature expansion type, etc., with unique algorithms and advanced communication functions, which can meet complex and variable working conditions.


Photoelectric sensor can be divided into small type, compact type and cylindrical type according to sensor shape; and can be divided into diffuse reflection, retro reflection, polarized reflection, convergent reflection, through beam reflection and background suppression etc; The sensing distance of Lanbao’s photoelectric sensor can be adjusted easily, and with short-circuit protection and reverse polarity protection, which are suitable for complex working conditions; Cable and connector connection are optional, which is more convenient for installation; Metal shell sensors are solid and durable, meeting the needs of special working conditions; Plastic shell sensors are economical and easy to install; Light on and Dark on are switchable to meet different signal acquisition requirements; The built-in power supply can choose AC, DC or AC/DC general power supply; Relay output, capacity up to 250VAC*3A. Intelligent photoelectric sensor includes transparent object detection type, yarn detection type, infrared ranging type, etc. The transparent object detection sensor is used for detecting transparent bottles and films in packaging and other industries, stable and reliable. The yarn detection type is used for the identification of yarn tail in texturing machine.


Capacitive sensor can always solve the most difficult problems for customers. Unlike inductive sensor, capacitive sensor can not only detect all kinds of metal workpieces, but also its electrostatic principle makes it more suitable for detecting all kinds of non-metal targets, objects in various containers and partition detection; Lanbao’s capacitive sensor can reliably detect plastic, wood, liquid, paper and other non-metallic objects, and can also detect different substances in the container through the non-metallic pipe wall; Electromagnetism, water mist, dust and oil pollution have little impact on its normal operation, and with outstanding anti-interference ability; In addition, the potentiometer can adjust the sensitivity, and the product size is diverse, with special functions such as extended sensing distance and delayed functions, which can meet the diversified product needs of customers. Intelligent capacitive sensor includes extended sensing distance type, contact liquid level detection type and liquid level detection through pipe wall, which are corrosion-resistant and have good splash resistance, mainly used in packaging, medicine, animal husbandry and other industries.


Lanbao's light curtain sensor includes safety light curtain, measurement light curtain, area light curtain, etc. Efficient digital factory optimizes the interaction between human and robot, but there are some potentially dangerous mechanical equipment (toxic, high pressure, high temperature, etc.), which is easy to cause personal injury to operators. The light curtain generates a protection area by emitting infrared rays, when the light curtain is blocked, the device sends a shading signal to control the potentially dangerous mechanical equipment to stop working, so as to avoid safety accidents.


Intelligent measuring sensor includes laser ranging displacement sensor, laser line scanner, CCD laser line diameter measuring, LVDT contact displacement sensor etc., with high precision, strong anti-interference ability, wide measurement range, fast response and continuous online measurement, suitable for high-precision measurement demand.


Connection Cables

The connection system includes connection cables (straight head, elbow, with or without indicator light), connectors, etc., which are mainly used for the connection of inductive, capacitive and photoelectric plug-in sensors.

Optical Fiber Sensor1

Lanbao can provide stable optical fiber amplifiers and optical fiber heads which can realize accurate detection of small objects in narrow spaces in various industrial scenes, with a min detection object diameter of 0.1mm. Lanbao’s optical fiber sensor adopts the industry-leading dual monitoring mode, built-in high-speed digital processing chip, and can select automatic and manual correction functions, with high-precision detection ability ahead of similar products and the longer sensing distance beyond conventional optical fiber; The optimized design scheme has a wiring system with simple installation and maintenance. The optical fiber head adopts standard thread installation and durable stainless steel material, mainly used for installation in narrow space with high detection accuracy.