Robot Industry

High Stability Sensors Assist Robots In Accurate Execution

Main Description

Lanbao's optical, mechanical, displacement and other sensors are used as the robot's sensory system to ensure the robot's precise movement and execution.


Application Description

Lanbao's vision sensor, force sensor, photoelectric sensor, proximity sensor, obstacle avoidance sensor, area light curtain sensor etc. can provide necessary information for mobile robots and industrial robots to correctly perform relevant operations, such as tracking, positioning, obstacle avoidance, and adjusting actions.


Content of the prospectus


Mobile Robot

In addition to performing programmed tasks, mobile robots also need to install infrared ranging sensors such as obstacle avoidance sensor and safety area light curtain sensor to assist robots in obstacle avoidance, tracking, positioning etc.


Industrial Robot

Laser ranging sensor combined with inductive sensor gives the machine sense of vision and touch, monitors the target positioning and sends back information to help the robot determine the position of parts to adjust action.