capacitive sensor

LANBAO Sample Box

Based on intelligent sensing technology, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other advanced technologies, Lanbao improved the intelligence level of various products to help customers transform their production mode from artificial to intelligent and digital. In this way, we’re able to elevate the level of intelligent manufacturing to empower customers with high competitiveness.

Capacitive Sensors_Extended Sensing Distance Test

One-piece housing with high-brightness LED indicator
IP67 protection class which is effectively moisture-proof and dust-proof
Enhance detection distance. Sensitivity adjustment adopts multi-turn potentiometer
so as to reach higher adjustment accuracy
High reliability, excellent EMC design with protection against short circuit, overloaded
and reverse polarity
Widely used in both metal and non-metal (plastic, powder, liquid, etc.) material testing

LANBAO Capactive proximity sensor

Wide range of detecting taegets:metal,plastic and fluid etc.
Be able to detect different object in container through nonmetallic container wall.
Snsibility could be adjusted by potentionmeter