Modern Textile Industry

Innovative Sensors Provide New Technologies For The Transformation And Upgrading Of Textile Industry

Main Description

As the collection unit of the Internet of things in the textile industry, Lanbao's all kinds of intelligent and innovative sensors will continue to provide technical support and guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of textile industry.


Application Description

Lanbao's intelligent sensor is used in the high-speed warping machine for the detection of warp end breakage, linear speed signal, strip thickness and length measurement, etc, and used for single spindle detection on spinning frame, and used for tension controlling detection in texturing machine.

Textile Informatization

The intelligent detection sensor for yarn tail passing completes the information collection of the working state (such as tension, yarn breaking, etc.) of the yarn in each spindle position. After processing the collected data, it displays the information of abnormal tension, yarn breaking, winding, etc., and determines the quality of each roll of yarn according to the set conditions. At the same time, it counts other production parameters of the machine, so as to master the working state of the machine in time and improve the quality of products and the utilization efficiency of the machine.