photoelectric sensor

Laser Photoelectric sensor

Universal housing, an ideal replacement for a variety of sensors. 
Conform to IP67 and is suitable for harsh environments. 
Setting fast, reliable. NO/NC switchable

PSS series Photoelectric Sensor

18mm threaded cylindrical installation, easy to install. 
Compact housing to meet the requirements of narrow installation spaces. 
Compliant with IP67, suitable for use in harsh environments. 
Equipped with a 360° visible bright LED status indicator. 
Suitable for detecting smooth transparent bottles and films. 
Stable identification and detection of objects of various materials and colors. 

LANBAO Star Photoelectric Sensor

 PSV Series Ultra-thin photoelectric sensor

Bicolour indicator , easy to identify working condition
IP65 protection degree
Fast response
Suitable for narrow space

Tiny Intellignt Photoelectric Sensor With Linear Spot Light

Visible linear spot Reliable detection of all kinds of PCB boards and porous objects
Effectively avoid malfunction
One-click setting Convenient installation and debugging
Tiny and delicate appearance,suitable for narrow and small space's accurate detection
Protection degree of IP67,sturdy and durable

LANBAO Sample Box

Based on intelligent sensing technology, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other advanced technologies, Lanbao improved the intelligence level of various products to help customers transform their production mode from artificial to intelligent and digital. In this way, we’re able to elevate the level of intelligent manufacturing to empower customers with high competitiveness.


Photoelectric Sensor -- PSE-G series

The shape is small square, which is the universal housing, an ideal substitute for sensors of various styles
Comply with IP67, suitable for harsh environments
One key setting, accurate and fast
Should be installed together with reflector, stable detection of various transparent bottles and films.
Two connection types, one is with cable, the other is with connector, flexible and convenient.

PST series Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensor

PST series- microsquare photoelectric sensor
IP67 protection degree
Precise calibration
Strong resistance to light interference/Small size, save space
High positioning accuracy

Photoelectric Sensor of LANBAO

Photoelectric sensor can be divided into small type, compact type and cylindrical type according to sensor shape; and can be divided into diffuse reflection, retro reflection, polarized reflection, convergent reflection, through beam reflection and background suppression etc; The sensing distance of Lanbao’s photoelectric sensor can be adjusted easily, and with short-circuit protection and reverse polarity protection, which are suitable for complex working conditions.