LR18X-G series M18 Capacitive distance sensor 10-30V DC proximity switch sensor Frequency Enhanced

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IP67 protection class which is effectively moisture-proof and dust-proof. Enhance detection distance. Sensitivity adjustment adopts multi-turn potentiometer so as to reach higher adjustment accuracy. High reliability, excellent EMC design with protection against short circuit, overloaded and reverse polarity.


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>Rated distance:4mm
>Installation type:Flush
>Output type:NPN/PNP NONC
>Shape specification: M18*1*70mm
>Switching frequency:≥100Hz
>Repetitive error:≤6%
>Protection degree:IP67
>Housing material:Nickel copper alloy

Part Number

Installation type Flush
Rated distance Sn 8mm①
Ensure distance Sa ≤5.76mm
Adjust the distance 3... 12mm
Adjustment method Multi-turn potentiometer
  (Electrical adjustment >10)
Shape specification M18*70mm
Standard test object Fe360 24*24*1t(Grounded)②
Supply voltage 10...30VDC
Load current ≤200mA
Residual voltage ≤2V
Consumption current ≤20mA
Switch point offset [%/Sn] ≤±10%
Temperature drift [%/Sr] ≤±20%
Hysteresis range [%/Sr] 3...20%
Repetitive error [R] ≤6%
Circuit protection Short circuit protection, Overload protection,
  Reverse polarity protection
Indicator Output indication:Yellow LED;Power indicator:Green LED
  Overload or short circuit indication:Yellow LED flashes
Switching frequency 100Hz
Ambient temperature When working:-25…70℃(No icing, No condensation)
  When storing:-30…80℃(No icing, No condensation)
Environment humidity 35...95%RH(No icing, No condensation)
Vibration resistant 10...55Hz,Dual amplitude 1mm(2 hours
  each in X, Y, and Z directions)
Impulse withsand 30g/11ms,3 times each for X,Y,Z direction
High pressure resistant 1000V/AC 50/60Hz 60s
Protection degree IP67
Housing material Nickel copper alloy
Connection type 2m PVC Cable
Accessories M18 nuts×2, Slotted screwdriver, Operation manual
Note:   ①the factory default sensing distance is Sn±10   ②unit:mm

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