PDB series 30mm/50mm/80mm Digital display laser displacement sensor

Short Description:

Excellent distance measuring performance
IP67 dustproof and waterproof
Visual OLED display
Strong anti-interference perfomance
Multiple output ways are flexible and optional
Measurement and control in one

Product Detail

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Exquisite appearance and light plastic housing, easy to mount anddismount
Convenient operation panel with visualized OLED display to complete all function settings fastly
0.5mm diameter light spot to accurately measure very tiny objects
Key or remote teach-in to easily set response time for different applica tions
Powerful function setting and flexible output way
Complete shielded desgin, stronger anti-interference perfomance
IP67 protection degree, able to work in water or dusty environment

Product Features

>Digital display laser distance measuring/displacement sensor
>Center distance:30mm 50mm 85mm
> Supply voltage:RS-485:10...30VDC;4...20mA:12...24VDC
> Measuring range:±5mm,±15mm,±25mm
> IP67 dustproof and waterproof

Part Number

RS-485 PDB-CR30DGR 4...20mA PDB-CR30TGI
RS-485 PDB-CR50DGR 4...20mA PDB-CR50TGI
RS-485 PDB-CR85DGR 4...20mA PDB-CR85TGI
Center distance 30mm 50mm 85mm
Measuring range ±5mm ±15mm ±25mm
Full scale(F.S.) 10mm
Supply voltage RS-485:10...30VDC;4...20mA:12...24VDC
Consumption power ≤700mW
Load current 200mA
Voltage drop <2.5V
Light source Red laser(650nm);Laser level:Class 2
Light spot Φ0.5mm@30mm
Resolution 2.5um@30mm
Linear accuracy①② RS-485:±0.3%F.S.;4...20mA:±0.4%F.S.
Repeat accuracy①②③ 5um
Output1 RS-485(Support Modbus protocol)
Output2 PUSH-PULL/NPN/PNP And NO/NC Settable
Distance setting RS-485:Keypress/RS-485 setting
4...20mA:Keypress setting
Response time 2ms/16ms/40ms Settable
Dimension 65*51*23mm
Display OLED Display(size:14*10.7mm)
Temperature drift ±0.08%F.S./℃
Indicator Power indicator:Green LED;Action indicator:Yellow LED
Alarm indicator:Yellow LED
Protection circuit④ Short circuit,reverse polarity,overload protection
Built-in function⑤ Slave address & Baud rate setting;Zero set;Product self-check;Output setting
Analog map settings;Parameter query;Single point teach
Window teach;Restore factory settings
Service environment Operation temperature:- 10…+50℃
Storage temperature:-20…+70℃
Ambient temperature:35...85%RH(No condensation)
Anti ambient light Incandescent light:<3,000lux
Protection degree IP67
Material Housing:Plastic ABS;Lens cover:PMMA ;Display panel: PC
Vibration resistance 10...55Hz Double amplitude1mm,2H each in X,Y,Z directions
Impulse resistance 500m/s²(About 50G)3 times each in X,Y,Z directions
Connection way RS-485:2m 5pins PVC cable;4...20mA:2m 4pins PVC  cable
Accessory Screw(M4×35mm)×2、Nut×2、   Washer×2、Mounting bracket、Operation manual
①Test conditions:Standard data at 23 ± 5 ℃ ;Supply voltage 24VDC;30 minutes' warmup before test;Sampling period 2ms;Average sampling times 100;Standard sensing object 90% white card
②The statistical data follows the 3σ criteria
③Repeat accuracy:23 ± 5 ℃ environment,90% reflectivity white card,100 test data results
④Slave address,baud rate setting only for RS-485 series
⑤Protecion circuit only for switch output
⑥Product operation steps and precautions in "Operation manual"

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