Connection system IO-link Master station MS ECT-SM12-0008-A

Short Description:

Auxiliary interface:8*IOLINK
Digital input port:16*PNP,3 type
Digital output port:16*PNP

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I/O Master station MS ECT-SM12-0008-A


IO-LINK version 1.1
Network interface EtherCAT
Auxiliary interface 8*IOLINK
Digital input port 16*PNP,3 type
Digital output port 16*PNP
Interface class CLASS A
Electrical connection  
Ethercat interface Female, M12*2, 4pin, CLASS D
Power input interface Male, 7/8”, 5pin
Power output interface Female, 7/8”, 5pin
IO interface Female, M12*8, 5pin, CLASS A
Contact surface protection Nickel/gold plated

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