Digital display laser distance displacement sensor PDE series


Digital display laser distance displacement sensor PDE series

Main features: small size, high precision, multiple functions, ultra-efficiency

Small size, aluminum housing, sturdy and durable.

Convenient operation panel with visua OLED digital display, quickly complete all function settings.

0.5mm ultra tiny lightspot, accurately measure tiny objects.

Repeatability accuracy up to 800um, achieving high-precision step difference detection.

Powerful function settings, flexible output methods.

Complete shielding design, strong anti-interference performance.

IP65 protection degree, easily used in environments with water and dust.


Triple protection

Short circuit protection


When the load is short-circuited, the product and the load are protected from burning out.

Reverse polarity protection


The product will not be burned out when the positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversed.

Overload protection

 Automatically protect when the load is unstable or the current increases, to avoid product failure.

Operation panel and functions

     Response time setting            Mapping point setting             Hysteresis setting             Setting value fine adjustment      

      Output ways setting                Sensing mode setting           Outside input setting          Communication parameter setting


Application scenarios



Precision dispensing system height measurement


Solar panel warping deformation measurement

Specification parameter


4...20mA + 0-5V PDE-CR50TGIU PDE-CR100TGIU PDE-CR400TG


Center distance 50mm               100mm                                  400mm
Measuring range ±15mm             ±35mm                                ±200mm
Full scale(F.S.) 35-65mm          65-135mm                          200-600mm
Supply voltage 12...24VDC
Consumption power ≤960mW
Load current ≤100mA
Voltage drop <2V
Light source Red laser(650nm);Laser level:Class 2
Beam diameter /About Φ120μm(at 100mm)/About Φ500μm(at 400mm)
Resolution 10μm                                      100μm
Linear accuracy ±0.1%F.S.  / ±0.2%F.S.(measuring distance 200mm-400mm); ±0.3%F.S.(measuring distance 400mm-600mm)
Repeat accuracy 30μm               70μm                           300μm@200mm-400mm;800μm@400mm(Include)-600mm
Output 1(Model selection) Digital value:RS-485(Support Modbus protocol);Switch value:NPN/PNP and NO/NC settable
Output 2(Model selection) Analog:4...20mA(Load resistance<300Ω)/0-5V;Switch value:NPN/PNP and NO/NC settable
Distance setting RS-485:Keypress/RS-485 setting;Analog:Keypress setting
Response time <10ms
Dimension 45mm*27mm*21mm
Display OLED display(Size:18*10mm)
Temperature drift <0.03%F.S./℃
Indicator Laser working indicator:green light on;Switch output indicator:yellow light
Protection circuit Short circuit protection,reverse polarity protection, overload protection
Built-in function Slave address & Baud rate settings;Zero setting;Parameter query;Product self-inspection;Output setting;Ingle-point teaching/two-point teaching/three-point teaching;Window teaching;Factory data reset
Service environment Operation temperature:-10…+45℃;Storage temperature:-20…+60℃;Ambient temperature:35...85%RH(No condensation)
Anti ambient light Incandescent light:<3,000lux;Sunlight interference:≤10,000lux
Protection degre IP65
Material Housing:Zinc alloy;Lens:PMMA;Diaplay:Glass
Vibration resist 10...55Hz Double amplitude1mm,2H each in X,Y,Z directions
Impulse resista 500m/s²(About 50G)3 times each in X,Y,Z directions
Connection 2m Composite cable(0.2mm²)
Accessory M4 screw(length:35mm)x2,nut x2,gasket x2,mounting bracket,operation manual

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