Lanbao Honor

Shanghai Lanbao is a state-level “Little Giant Enterprise” with Specialization, Refinement, Unique and Innovation, “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise and Demonstration Enterprise”, and state-level “High-tech Enterprise”. It has established the “Enterprise Technology Center and the Expert Workstation in Shanghai”, and won the approval project of “Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise”. It is the eighth executive director unit of “China Instrument Industry Association” and the director unit of “Shanghai Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Association”. In the “Blue Book of China Sensor Technology Industry Development”, Lanbao is evaluated as one of the enterprises with the largest variety, the most complete specifications and the best performance of discrete sensors in China, and is identified as the first choice to replace imported products by China Instrument Industry Association.


Invention patent

2 foreign invention patents
36 domestic invention patents
39 invention patents are under examination  

Software copyright

68 software copyrights 



Other intellectual property rights

89 utility models
20 appearance patents



Transformation of technical achievements

Transformation of 28 high-tech achievements

•Intelligent diagnosis technology
•High precision TOF electro-optical
•Ranging technology
•Intelligent point cloud recognition technology
•In vitro capacitance detection and spread spectrum anti-interference technology
•High frequency constant power laser driving technology

•Electromagnetic Linear Encoding Displacement Detection Technology
Linear Expansion Technology of LVDT Magnetic Flux Density
•High speed CMOS laser measurement technology
•MFM Metal Analysis Technology

•Laser screen size measurement technology
•High Coaxial Laser Alignment Technology
•Differential noise suppression
•Collimation technology of laser parallel light source
•Image cell acquisition, analysis and processing technology

•High speed anti-interference large dynamic speed detection technology
•Automatic temperature compensation technology
•Zero blind zone detection technology


2018 "Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress in China's Intelligent Manufacturing"
The first prize of 2019 Perception World Sensor Innovation Competition
Top 10 Innovative Smart Sensors in China in 2019
Silver Award of Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Competition in 2020
The first batch of 20 smart factories in Shanghai in 2020
2020 Shanghai Economic and Information System Youth Commando
2020/2021 Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Competition Silver Award for Excellent Invention
2021 Science and Technology Progress Award of China Instrument and Instrument Society
Gold Award and Excellence Award of Shanghai Industrial Youth Innovation Competition

Market Position

National level specialized, special and new key "small giant" enterprise
Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center
Shanghai Academician (Expert) Workstation
Shanghai Fengxian District Sensor Engineering Technology Research Center
Establish key project laboratory of production, teaching and research with Shanghai University of Technology
Member unit of Shanghai Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Association
Executive director unit of the Council of China Instrument Industry Association, vice chairman unit of the Sensor Branch, and director unit of the first council of the Intelligent Sensor Innovation Alliance

Research Topics

2018 MIIT Intelligent Manufacturing Project
2020 Shanghai Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Project
2019 Shanghai Software and Integrated Circuit Industry Development Project
2020 "A subproject of a national major special basic research project" project team technology development (entrusted) project
Participated in the compilation of Sensor Practical Technology
Presided over the preparation of the Chinese mechanical industry standard Eddy Current Proximity Switch Sensor
Shanghai Expert Workstation/Graduate Joint Training Practice Base&Sensor Technology Joint Laboratory



•GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification
•ISO14001:2015/GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system certification
•Implement RoHS environmental protection directive, and the serialized products have passed CCC, CE and UL certification
•Secondary enterprise of work safety standardization that has been reviewed and certified by the State •Administration of Work Safety

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