Solution: How can sensors be used in warehouse storage

In the warehouse management, there are always various problems, so that the warehouse can not play the maximum value. Then, in order to improve the efficiency and save time in goods access, area protection, goods out of storage, to provide convenience for logistics applications, sensors are needed to help. As the core component of intelligent manufacturing and the leader of intelligent application equipment, Lambao Sensor can provide a variety of sensors for the storage industry to better help the storage of materials operation.

Cargo protrusion detection


There are cars on the three-dimensional elevated warehouse to store and pick up goods. PSR firing sensors are installed on both sides of the warehouse. Real-time signal indication is given to the warehouse where the goods are prominent, which is convenient for stacker to adjust operation in time and avoid collision.

Detection type Through beam Anti-ambient light Anti-ambient light interference< 10,000lx;
Rated distance [Sn] 0 …20m Incandescent light interference<3,000lx
Standard target >Φ15mm opaque object Indicator display Green light: power indicator
Light source Infrared LED (850nm) Yellow light: output indication, short circuit or
Direction angle >4° overload indication (flashing)
Output NO/NC Ambient temperature - 15C …60C
Supply voltage 10 …30VDC Ambient humidity 35-95%RH (non-condensing)
Load current ≤ 100mA Voltage withstand 1000V/AC 50/60Hz 60s
Residual voltage ≤ 1V (Receiver) Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ (500VDC)
Distance adjustment Single-turn potentiometer Vibration resistance 10 …50Hz (0.5mm)
Consumption current ≤ 15mA (Emitter) 、≤ 18mA (Receiver) Degree of protection IP67
Circuit protection Short-circuit, overload, reverse polarity and zener protection Housing material ABS
Response time ≤ 1ms Installation method Composite installation
NO/NC adjustment NO: white line is connected to the positive electrode;                                   NC: white line is connected to the negative electrode; Optical components Plastic PMMA
Weight 52g
Connection type 2m PVC cable

Storage area protection

MH40 Measuring Light curtains

 In material storage, machinery and equipment are usually protected in the vicinity of the mechanical area during material transfer. MH40 optical curtain using RS485 synchronous scanning technology, with strong anti-interference ability; At the same time, it has the function of fault alarm and self-diagnosis of fault type.

Sensing distance 40mm Ambient humidity 35%…95%RH
Axis distance Φ60mm opaque object Output indicator OLED indicator    LED indicator
Sensing target Infrared light (850nm) Insulation resistance ≥50MQ
Light source NPN/PNP, NO/NC settable* Impact resistance 15g, 16ms, 1000 times for each X, Y, Z axis
Output 1 RS485 Protection degree IP67
Output 2 DC 15…30V Housing material Aluminium alloy
Supply voltage <0.1mA@30VDC Load current ≤200mA (Receiver)
Leakage current <1.5V@Ie=200mA Anti ambient light interference 50,000lx(incidence angle≥5。)
Voltage drop <1.5V@Ie=200mA Connection Emitter: M12 4 pins connector+20cm cable ;    Receiver: M12 8 pins connector+20cm cable
Current consumption <120mA@8 axis@30VDC Protection circuit Short circuit protection, Zener protection, surge protection and reverse polarity protection
Scanning mode Parallel light Vibration resistance Frequency: 10…55Hz, amplitude: 0.5mm (2h per X,Y,Z direction)
Operating temperature -25C…+55C Accessory Mounting bracket × 2, 8-core shielded wire × 1 (3m), 4-core shielded wire × 1 (15m)


Product size classification

PSE-TM through beam photoelectric sensor series


Before the goods are distributed out of the warehouse, they need to be sorted according to their size to facilitate the arrangement of delivery vehicles and personnel. The PSE reflector sensor installed on the edge of the conveyor belt and PSE diffuse reflector sensor on the gantry frame can realize the identification and size classification of goods with fast response speed and accurate sorting, and effectively improve the turnover rate of goods

Detection type Through beam Indicator Green light: power, stable signal (unstable signal flash)
Rated distance 20m   Yellow light: output, overload or short circuit (flash)
Output NPN NO/NC or PNP NO/NC Anti-ambient light Anti-sunlight interference ≤ 10,000lux;
Response time ≤1ms   Incandescent light interference ≤ 3,000lux
Sensing object ≥Φ10mm opaque object (within Sn range) Operating temperature -25℃ ...55℃
Direction angle >2o Storage temperature -25℃…70℃
Supply voltage 10...30 VDC Protection degree IP67
Consumption current Emitter: ≤20mA; Receiver: ≤20mA Certification CE
Load current ≤200mA Production standard EN60947-5-2:2012、 IEC60947-5-2:2012
Voltage drop ≤1V Material Housing: PC+ABS;   Filter: PMMA
Light source Infrared (850nm) Weight 10g
Circuit protection Short-circuit, overload, reverse polarity and Connection M8 connector


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