High Pressure Resistant Inductive sensor LR16XBF02DNOB 10…30 VDC PNP NPN NO NC

Short Description:

LR16 series metal cylindrical high pressure resistance sensor adopts stainless steel shell material and special circuit design, stable output, good water resistance. Fulshed sensor detection distance can reach 2mm, with short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, withstand pressure 500Bar,diameter specification: Φ16*63mm,Φ16*73mm, stable output voltage 10… 30 VDC, NPN and PNP output modes are available, terminals and M12 connector modes are optional, IP68 protection grade is CE and UL certification.

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Lanbao high pressure resistant inductive sensors are widely used in industrial fields. Compared with standard inductive sensors, high pressure sensors have the following advantages: reliable performance, longer service life, stronger pressure resistance, stronger waterproof ability, fast response speed, high switching frequency, strong anti-interference, installation Simple. In addition, they are insensitive to vibration, dust and oil, and can detect targets stably even in harsh environments. This series of sensors has a variety of connection methods, output methods, and housing scales. The high-brightness LED indicator light can easily judge the working status of the sensor switch.

Product Features

> Integrated stainless steel housing design;
> Extended sensing distance, IP68;
> Withstand pressure 500Bar;
> Perfect choice for high pressure system application.
> Sensing distance: 2mm
> Housing size: Φ16
> Housing material: Stainless steel
> Output: PNP,NPN NO NC
> Connection: 2m PUR cable,M12 connector
> Mounting: Flush
> Supply voltage: 10…30 VDC
> Degree of protection: IP68
> Product certification: CE, UL
> Switching frequency [F]: 600 Hz

Part Number

Standard Sensing Distance
Mounting Flush
Connection Cable M12 connector
NPN NO+NC -- --
PNP NO+NC -- --
Technical specifications
Mounting Flush           
Rated distance [Sn] 2mm
Assured distance [Sa] 0…1.6mm
Dimensions Φ16*63mm(Cable)/Φ16*73mm(M12 connector)
Switching frequency [F] 600 Hz 
Output NO/NC(dependson part number)
Supply voltage 10…30 VDC
Standard target Fe 16*16*1t
Switch-point drifts [%/Sr] ≤±15%
Hysteresis range [%/Sr] 1…20%
Repeat accuracy [R] ≤5%
Load current ≤100mA
Residual voltage ≤2.5V
Current consumption ≤15mA 
Circuit protection Short-circuit, overload and reverse polarity
Output indicator
Ambient temperature ‘-25℃…80℃
Withstand pressure 500Bar
Voltage withstand 1000V/AC 50/60Hz 60s
Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ(500VDC)
Vibration resistance 10…50Hz (1.5mm)
Degree of protection IP68
Housing material Stainless steel housing
Connection type 2m PUR cable/M12 connector

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