Capacitive Proximity AC/DC 2 Wires Sensor CR30SCF10SBO 10mm 20…250 VAC/DC IP67

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Lanbao M30 plastic cylindrical capacitive proximity sensor for detection of solid, liquid or granular objects; Quick and easy adjustment can be made via the potentiometer or teach button to save valuable time during commissioning; Wide range of detectiong targets: metal, plastic and fluid etc; the design of clearly visible indicator lights makes it easier to judge the working status of the switch; Sensors for position and level detection; The supply voltage is 20-250VAC/DC, 2 wires; PBT plastic housing material; Flush and non-flush housing mounting, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sensing distance(adjustable); Normally open and normally closed output mode; 2m PVC cable and M12 4-pin connection mode; CE UL EAC certificates;IP67 protection degree.

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Lanbao AC 20-250VAC/DC 2 Wires plastic capacitive sensors are reliable in harsh environments, which reduces machine maintenance costs and downtimes; Capacitive sensor series is a series of robust capacitive proximity sensors designed for general detection of feed, grain, and solid materials; Lanbao's capacitive proximity sensors feature extremely high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), which prevents false switches and sensor failure; 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sensing distance; Reliable liquid level detecting; IP67 protection class which is effectively moisture-proof and dust-proof; suitable for most installation applications; Sensibility could be adjusted by potentiometer to achieve more flexible applications. High electromagnetic compatibility; An array of different designs and large operating ranges enable the use in practically all areas of application in industrial automation.

Product Features

> Capacitive sensors can also detect non-metallic materials
> Highly structured and non-dimensionally stable objects e.g. the fill levels of liquids or bulk materials can also be detected in direct contact with the medium or through a non-metallic container wall
> Sensing range adjustable by means of potentiometer or teach button
> Optical adjustment indicator ensures reliable object detection to minimize potential machine failures
> Plastic or metal housings for different applications
> Sensing distance: 10mm;15mm;20mm
> Housing size: M30;Φ32 and Φ34 diameter
> Wiring:AC/DC 2 wires
> Supply voltage:20…250 VAC/DC
> Housing material: Nickel-copper alloy/ PBT plastic
> Output:NO/NC (depends on different P/N)
> Connection: 2m PVC Cable and M12 4-pin connection
> Mounting: Flush/ Non-flush
> IP67 protection degree
> Approve by CE, UL, EAC

Part Number

AC/DC 2 wires Capacitive Series
Mounting Flush Non-flush
AC/DC 2 wires NO CR30SCF10SBO-E2 CR30SCF10SBC-E2
AC/DC 2 wires NC CR30SCF10SBC-E2 CR30SCN15SBC-E2
AC/DC 2 wires NO CQ32SCN20SBO
AC/DC 2 wires NC CQ32SCN20SBC
AC/DC 2 wires NO CQ34SCN20SBO
AC/DC 2 wires NC CQ34SCN20SBC
Technical specifications
Mounting Flush Non-flush
Rated distance [Sn] 10mm(adjustable) 10mm/15mm/20mm(adjustable)
Assured distance [Sa] 0…8mm 0…12mm
Dimensions M30*62mm/M30*79mm M30*91mm/M30*74mm/Φ32*80 mm/Φ34*80 mm
Switching frequency [F] AC: 15 Hz DC:40Hz AC: 15 Hz DC:40Hz
Output NO/NC(depends on part number)
Supply voltage 20…250 VAC/DC
Standard target Fe 45*45*1t/Fe 60*60*1t
Switch-point drifts [%/Sr] ≤±20%
Hysteresis range [%/Sr] 3…20%
Repeat accuracy [R] ≤3%
Load current AC:≤300mA DC:≤100mA
Residual voltage AC:≤10V DC:≤8V
Current consumption AC:≤3mA DC:≤1mA
Output indicator Yellow LED
Ambient temperature -25℃…70℃
Ambient humidity 35-95%RH
Voltage withstand 1000V/AC 50/60Hz 60S
Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ (500VDC)
Vibration resistance 10…50Hz (1.5mm)
Degree of protection IP67
Housing material PBT
Connection type 2m PVC cable/M12 connector

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